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All phots by Gazza unless stated otherwise.

Nargis with Raita Clay Oven Burton (20634 bytes)

Clay Oven Burton 261102.JPG (15506 bytes)

Nargis from Sylhet. (10468 bytes)

Juicy Nargis from the Miah, Tamworth!

Nargis Kofta from the Pasha (66480 bytes)

Big Billy D's Nargis and Raita, Clay Oven, Burton on Trent.

The Nargis crew at the Clay Oven, Burton on Trent.

Nargis from the Sylhet, Worcester.

A Juicy Nargis from the Miah, Tamworth.

"Nargis Kofta" and salad from the Pasha, Worcester.

Jalali.jpg (28715 bytes)

RB_omelette.jpg (21077 bytes) RB_Raita.jpg (21739 bytes) RB_half.jpg (20807 bytes) RB_menufingers.jpg (21248 bytes)
The Jalali, Tamworth, a recent convert to the cause. The Nargis at the Royal Bengal, Tamworth in it's omelette jacket. Royal Bengal, Tamworth with Raita dressing. Royal Bengal, Tamworth prepared for consumption. What we want to see on every menu!
Fudge and Planey in the India Palace The Nargis as it arrives The nargis halved With Mango chutney! Planey and Fudge
Fudge and Planey present the Nargis in the India Palace, Tamworth. The Nargis at the India Palace, Tamworth as it arrives. Halved for consumption at the India Palace, Tamworth Don't try this at home, kids.  Nargis with Mango Chutney! Planey and Fudge at the India Palace, Tamworth with a top Nargis seminar
a very red Nargis!  The Bouncers  The Gaffer, Saffrons  Tulip Nargis Exotikka mat ! 
The extremely red Nargis, India Palace, Tamworth The Gaffers at Saffrons, Tamworth being intimidating Bouncers.   The Gaffer at Saffrons with another superb Nargis A "tulip" or "hatching" Nargis from Saffrons, Tamworth  Takeaway from Saffrons, with the old lamented place mats - now in Fudge's kitchen ! 
Commin' atcha ! Inside Saffrons The Purbani, Wolverhampton Nargis being Raita'd A 3 Nargis seminar !!!
Head on view of a Saffron's Nargis - comin' atcha ! View inside Saffrons on a quiet Wednesday night The Purbani, Wolverhampton.  Phot: Beekeeper A Nargis being Raita'd in the Jewel Balti, Willenhall  Phot: Duffield A 3 Nargis seminar, Jewel Balti, Willenhall.  Phot: Duffield
EH Glen freshly ex-works Fudge in Saffrons with a 2 Nargis seminar The Nargis at Saffrons ready for troughing Nargis with accompanyments. Plated Nargis !
EH Glen at Saffrons, Tamworth.  He has recovered after his recent flashover. Fudge with 2 Nargis at Saffrons, Tamworth The superb award winning Nargis at Saffrons, ready for consumption. Nargis at Saffrons, with customary Beetroot and Strawberry Nargis at Saffrons, cooked by the Gaffer vice the usual Chef !
The exterior view ! The sign of quality Nargis ! Radioactive Raita ! Hacked about Nargis  My lords ............
Saffrons, Tamworth is the top 2 floors, above the Thai Chef. The sign of a quality Nargis - everytime!  Saffrons, Tamworth Luminous Raita at the Purbani, Worcester Nargis ready for consumption, Purbani, Worcester. Gazza with Nargis, Purbani, Worcester.  Phot: Sue
Ticker gets his hands on the Jugs Not EH Glen, but .... 2 in a tray?  Most unusual ! Looks pretty fine on the inside, mind.  Ready for demolition .....
Dragon Ticker relieves the heat.  Purbani, WorcesterPhot: Sue The obligatory heater - Purbani, Worcester.  Phot: Sue Unusual Nargis from Rice&Spice, Romford. Phot: Phil Wilcox ... But it looks OK inside !  Phot: Phil Wilcox  The Nargis arrives, Purbani Wolverhampton. Phot: Beekeeper
My Lords, it's massive ! Consuming the Nargis. Sorry ???? Comedy bog door, take 1 My Lords, it's a beast !
Piglet bellows the Nargis. Purbani, Wolves.  Phot: Beekeeper Quality control at the Purbani, WolvesPhot: Beekeeper Rudkin Patel!  Phot: Beekeeper Piglet tries out the comedy bog door, Purbani, WolverhamptonPhot: Beekeeper Beekeeper has a bellow too.  Phot: Fudge
Lemon squeezer? that's just outrageous. Who bled on my plate ? I'm a damn fine Nargis from a church .... I come from a place of worship !  The sign of unusual dishes
A winner - lemon squeezer!  Nargis at Spice Bazaar, Hinckley.  Phot: Jebedee Takeaway Nargis from Jalali, Tamworth with hellfire chilli sauce! Closeup of the Nargis from Jalali. The same, just with the flash on! A restaurant with some very unusual dishes.  Atherstone Cottage, Warwickshire 

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