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All phots by Gazza unless stated otherwise.

Cometh the Nargis ..... There's one!  It's a red one ! But they're all red ...... Who jizzed on my Nargis ? Puffy yoghurt bread ?!?!?!?!
The Nargis arrives, Atherstone Cottage Very red meat, orange egg!!! Bizzarre. Atherstone Cottage The Nargis is prepared for troughing, Atherstone Cottage During consumption! Atherstone Cottage A total winner - Batura, or Puffy yoghurt bread !  Atherstone Cottage
Gerrof my Nargis !!! Anyone for salad ? Outside the home of puffy yoghurt bread ..... What? No real ale?  What a winner ! Request only !
Mr Fudge defending his Nargis against all comers.  Atherstone Cottage Wilnecote consumes the Nargis.  Atherstone Cottage The staff outside the Atherstone Cottage We even got invited behind the bar ... but no real ale!!! Atherstone Cottage.  Phot: Wilnecote Request only takeaway Nargis from the Shapla, Tamworth.  Dreeeeeeeadful!
Hellfire request-only Nargis fro the Shapla Big, bad mutha Nargis Sorry ? Duffield Fudge's Nargis
Fudge's Nargis from Shapla, Tamworth Closeup of the Nargis from Shapla, Tamworth, and a whopper it was too! Beekeper and Fudge at the Spice Avenue, Wolverhampton.  Phot: Duffield Duffield lays into the Nargis.  Spice Avenue, Wolverhampton.  Phot: Beekeeper Fudge's Nargis, Spice Avenue, Wolverhampton.  Phot: Beekeeper
Under the omelette! My Lords ! Panda bellows again! Some well dodgy meat here .... Wot an omelette! 
Nargis under it's omelette, Spice Avenue, Wolverhampton.  Phot: Beekeeper Panda bellowing the Nargis, Spice Avenue, Wolverhampton.  Phot: Beekeeper Panda bellowing again! Spice Avenue, Wolverhampton.  Phot: Beekeeper The Meat board, Spice Avenue, Wolverhampton.  Phot: Beekeeper The perfect omelette at Bangla Spice, Tamworth
What a big red whopper ! Utilise that lemon squeezing device ! Everyone's a winner ! What time is it? It's gone!  That was a beast.
The Nargis in all it's glory.  Bangla Spice, Tamworth The all-new Lemon squeezers !  Bangla Spice, Tamworth Fudge with Nargis and "beer".  Bangla Spice, Tamworth Planey surprises himself at being out so late.  Bangla Spice, Tamworth The Nargis - consumed. Bangla Spice, Tamworth
My Loooooords ! Dreadful!  get bellowing, bert ! New sign, same old Nargis My Looooooooooords!   Fudge with a hellfire napkin like device
Outside Bangla Spice, Tamworth We even got Bert bellowing! Bangla Spice, Tamworth Saffron's is dead - long live Bangla Spice  The Nargis crew arrive at Curry Centre, Burton  Fudge with unusual attire .Curry Centre, Burton
Cometh the Nargi ... all 5 of them! (and some chicken stuff) The Nargi ensconsed in an omelette... Is it time to go home yet ? I pity the chicken that laid that ..... Oh, there it is ....
The Nargi arrive on a heritage trolley!  Curry Centre, Burton The Nargis and omelette.  Curry Centre, Burton Planey hurrying to finish his Nargis.  Curry Centre, Burton. What a whopper !  Curry Centre, Burton Stackhead reveals his Nargis. Curry Centre, Burton
Looks like a blood covered egg to me ... EH Glen's cousin, Micromark ! My Loooooooords ! Top venue, top seminar ! A veritable fest awaits
Look out Stack ... it's a blood covered egg !!!  Curry Centre, Burton Not EH Glen, but Micro Mark ! Curry Centre, Burton The 2 mega-sociable Berts were well up for a seminar !  Curry Centre, Burton And again! Curry Centre, Burton A feast of Nargis!  Takeaway from Miah, Tamworth.
A good look at the huge Nargis Bite sized portions?  Oh yes! My last bit - and IT'S ALL MINE !!!! Look out!  There's a filthy rodent behind the Nargis ...... Here it comes !
The Miah Nargis in all it's Nargisish glory. Nargis from the Miah, Tamworth chopped up for troughing. Last Rolo?  Bollocks to that, it's my last bit of Nargis! Duffield's takeaway from the Jewel Balti is attacked by a rodent .... Phot: Duffield The Nargis arrives at Herbs and Spice, Atherstone
It's bleeding!  Bleeding hellfire !!!! Prepare to be eaten .... I think someone's shot it My lords !! Is it time to go yet?  I've got the planey mag to do ....
Injured Nargis at Herbs and Spice, Atherstone Split right down the middle ... Herbs and Spice, Atherstone Fudge with Nargis at Herbs and Spice, Atherstone Fudge's Nargis gets presented.  Herbs and Spice, Atherstone Planey enjoying himself out late at Herbs and Spice, Atherstone

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