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All phots by Gazza unless stated otherwise.

My Lords ! Jorg Haider comes to Atherstone .... Shalimar sadly burst. What a whopper ! Totally Bizarre!
Fudge and Planey outside Herbs and Spice, Atherstone Watch that right wing supremecist salute!  Herbs and Spice, Atherstone My all time favourite, now sadly caped - the Shalimar, Manc. Fudge and Curtains pick up the Nargi from Balti 2000, Tamworth The Nargis arrive inside an industrial unit .... Shati, Tamworth
The world's most surreal Nargis experience ? Bags of Nargis ! A veritable feast of Nargis Pouring the Raita Creaking under the weight of Nargis ....
Outside the Industrial estate!  Shati, Tamworth The Nargi lined up for consumption! Fudge's plate of Nargis Fudge pours the Raita before the big Nargis feast The table overloaded with nargis!
Troughing begins Zamal nargis from scumtown It's a bit red, John King of Spice nargis I'm an industrial Nargis
The consumption commences! Nargis from the Zamal, Scumtown Cannonball-like Nargis from Balti 2000 Winner from the King of Spice, Dordon Nargis from the Industrial estate! 
4 winners - MY LORDS !!! Eating the blood covered egg A clean plate! Fudge rioting after the feast Victory over the Nargis is mine!
Massed ranks of Nargi before troughing A blood covered egg from Balti 2000 is dismembered All consumed, what a gut-buster! Victory! Ditto!  Phot : Fudge
Fudge in the Bangla The Nargi arrive via a sociable Bert! What a whopper! Get that beast down you ! Anointing the Nargis
Fudge in Bangla Spice, Tamworth The Nargi arrive! My Lords!  Bangla Spice, Tamworth Ready for consumption! Planey prepares the Nargis.
Is that the time ? What a state ! My Lords !!!!  Beekeeper with his wall mounted Nargis  Piglet's beer vs. nargis dilemma
Planey amazes himself at being out so late.  Phot: Sue Too much Okells me thinks ...  Phot: Sue Fudge troughs the Nargis.  Phot: Sue Beekeeper with a bizarre wall mounted Nargis.  Phot:Piglet  Piglet's Beer / Nargis dilemma.  Phot: Beekeeper
It's a shack, but not as we know it ... Nantwich Station Tandoori 050803 Big red beastie from the shack My lords!  It's a pair! In close and personal Troughing the Nargis
The shack with the Nargis happening. Blood covered Egg from the shack. A pair is always better! Up close and Personal with the shack Nargis ... A bit of natural light!
Booger,Nicholson,Betty Nantwich Station Tandoori Meal Deal! Nantwich Station Tandoori Nargis Death Nantwich Station Tandoori Raita attack!. Nantwich Station Tandoori The Eyeball. Nantwich Station Tandoori
Nargis rioting commences.  Phot: Duffield Meal Deal!  Phot: Duffield Nargis is dismembered.  Phot: Duffield Raita Attack!  Phot: Duffield The Evil Eye.  Phot: Duffield
Eastbourne nargis seminar Wrapped in an omelette..... Split down the middle Nargis with added Jizz I cometh bearing Nargi.....
The Nargis crew in Eastbourne !  Phot: Beekeeper London House, Eccleshall - the Nargis arrives London House, Eccleshall.  The Nargis is chopped. London House, Eccleshall - raita is applied. The Monsoon's Nargi arrive.  Phot: Duffield
Looks like a weapon of mass indigestion to me Awoight, Daaaarlin? My lords !!!! Nargiscam1 reporting some strange behaviour You'll get Planey jealous......
Arial view of the Monsoon Nargis.  Phot: Duffield The Monsoon Bert and Jane.  Phot: Duffield Mass seminar at the Monsoon, Tamworth.  Phot: Duffield The secret camera records goings on in Monsoon, Tamworth. Phot: Duffield Fudge and Sister in Monsoon, Tamworth.  Phot: Duffield

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