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All phots by Gazza unless stated otherwise.

Can't fault a grey egg! Lifting the veil Peregrine!!  Tarquin!!  Management!! gibber gibber Get them winners in.....! New Gulshan Nargis... "Do you do Nargis, mate?" "I'll ask the chef...."
Nargis at Bangla Spice, Tamworth Revealing a top Nargis at Bangla Spice, Tamworth Slobby Ray's first Nargis, Bangla Spice, Tamworth Fudge blags his way behind the bar at Bangla Spice, Tamworth Nargis blagged from the New Gulshan, Cambridge
Blagged Nargis split for consumption Consuming the blagged Nargis Looks a bit of a beast! Egg rationing at Spicey Bite, Worcester NO NEEEEEEEEEED!!!!!!
Nargis blagged from the New Gulshan, Cambridge split for consumption! Nargis blagged from the New Gulshan, Cambridge during troughing From Spicey Bite, a new convert to the Cause in Worcester! Half an Egg?  What's that all about then??? Egg Rationing in Worcester, pictorial evidence....
Nargis from USA Omelette-less at the Dilshad All that glitters is not silver..... Wigan nargis - surely it should be a pie? Closeup of the Wigan nargi
From the US of A No Omelettes at the Dilshad, Preston. Takeout Nargi from the Moonlight, Wigan Natural coloured Nargis from Wigan Another shot of the natural Nargi
The raw ingredients ! (well some of them) Looks just like a real one! (only smaller....) If it was red, you'd never know! The Chef raves about the dish..... A veritable feast... if only they were a bit bigger....
The ingredients are ready, let Nargis cooking commence! The result - a cannonball in 1/72nd scale! Split it in half, and it looks just like a shop-bought one!  (apart from not being red) The Chef was very enthusiastic about his wares..... Prepared for consumption!
Close up of those rare eggs Let troughing commence! Cloaked in an omelette Study of the Pasha Nargis Pasha Nargis with Jizz
Closeup of those huge eggs... A mammoth Nargi feast! "Nargi's Kufta" from the Pasha, Worcester "Nargi's Kufta" from the Pasha, Worcester in all it's glory "Nargi's Kufta" from the Pasha, Worcester anointed with Raita
Before revealing commences There's one! What? Another egg rationing debacle ??? My Looooooooooooooords!!!! Sultan, St Ives
Anarkali, Worcester with chives on the omelette! Nargis in the Anarkali, Worcester Anarkali, Worcester revealing egg rationing again! Anarkali, Worcester - Gazza bellowing the Nargis Sultan, St Ives  (all Sultan phots, Piglet and co)
Happy to serve! Sultan Nargis Sultan Nargis Sultan Nargis bellow Joba and Miah Nargis 231004
Happy to serve! Sultan Nargis Sultan Nargis Sultan Nargis bellow Nargi from Joba and Miah, Tamworth
Golden Tandoori Nargis Manchester 271004 Golden Tandoori Nargis Manchester open 271004 planet spice nargis planet spice nargis pre raita.jpg (23083 bytes) Toilet.jpg (16509 bytes)
2 Nargi from the new Golden Tandoori, Manchester And again, sliced for consumption. Planet Spice Nargis from Walsall.  (Phot: Duffield) Planet Spice Nargis, pre-raita!  (Phot: Duffield) Planet Spice's multicoloured toilet.  (Phot: Duffield)
David Carson in Albela The Fox in Albela Dave Fantastic Lee in Albela Woody in Albela Albela Bordesley Green Nargis.jpg (12845 bytes)
David Carson in Albela, Bordesley Green.  (next 5 phots by David Carson & mates!) The Fox in Albela, Bordesley Green Dave Fantastic Lee in Albela, Bordesley Green Woody in Albela, Bordesley Green Albela, Bordesley Green Nargis
Blag a winner! Cromwells Nargis split Amazement .... Oooooooooh!  Get stuck in ! Bengal Spice
Nargis blagged from Cromwells, Worcester.  Not on the menu, but a right beast! Cromwells Nargis split for consumption. Cromwells, Worcester Look what I blagged.... Cromwells, Worcester Getting stuck into that whopper at Cromwells, Worcester From the Bengal spice in Preston by Herbal.

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