Spinning Nargis !     The Raw Nargis !     Spinning Nargis !

Story by Piglet.


In September I decided to try Rugby’s only Good Curry Guide (well the 1998 copy!) venue, a publication that despite being 6 years out of date, has rarely let me down in the quest for a good ‘Ruby’
The décor was very pleasant and my other half and myself promptly ordered, the lady opting for an aloo chop starter, myself of course allocated a Nargis.
When the starters arrived, I carved the Nargis open in time honoured tradition, in preparation for the laying of the raita. ‘That’s an interesting touch’ I noted, a kind of tomato pickle surrounding the egg itself, in a 10mm layer next to the meat. I decided to sample some of this on its own and was rather disturbed to discover it was in fact red raw meat and NOT a special relish addition!!!
The waiter was summoned and the offending Nargis was stored (U), pending decision. A replacement was fired up in the kitchen and appeared 5 minutes later. This too contained raw meat in the inner layer surrounding the egg. By the time I’d sent this back, Lou had already finished her starter and another 5 minute wait ensued.
Nargis 3 arrived and despite being a bit crispier on the outside, still contained (albeit less) a layer of raw meat inside!!! Outrageous!!! The main course was blatantly sat idling by now, so the Duck Chilli (a favourite) had to be flagged as I wasn’t prepared to sit and eat in a curry house that had dished up raw meat 3 times in succession and could obviously not master a basic starter!!! Upon rejection of the 3rd Nargis the waiter simply claimed the chef just couldn’t produce a Nargis to satisfactory standards! As we left they were inviting us to inspect their kitchens for some bizarre reason, that wasn’t the problem as far as I was concerned, it was the ‘Crime of the Raw Nargis’!!!

As a footnote to the above, I was enjoying a satisfactory Nargis in the Titash a few days later and mentioned the said crime to the head waiter there. His theory was that the Nargis was packed with too much meat, hence wasn’t cooking through to the centre. This seemed to add up as I remember being impressed with the size of the Nargis before opening it up, so beware the ‘Plump Nargis’!!!