The sign of unusual dishes.The home of Puffy yoghurt bread !What's up, Chief ?Gerrof me Nargis ....The Nargis cometh ....

Look at that whopper !My lords, what a RED beastie !Demolition has commenced.Puffy yoghurt bread ?!?!? MY LORDS !!!!!No real ale?  You're having a LARF !

phots by Gazza except the bar seminar by Wilnecote, 12/03/03

The Atherstone Cottage
Address : 83 Long Street, Atherstone, Warwickshire
Phone Number : 01827 714963
Opening hours : Sun-Thu 17:30-23:30, Fri-Sat 17:30-00:30
Website :
Nargis Gen : Quite red, good standard.  Excellent Raita.  Visited 12/03/03, score 7, 2.70
Other Gen : Excellent curry house, with a good line in fish dishes.  The puffy yoghurt bread (Batura) is well recommended.  Overall, we were very impressed with the food and service.