Wot an omelette!What a big red whopper !Utilise that lemon squeezing device !Everyone's a winner !What time is it?

It's gone!  That was a beast.My Loooooords !Dreadful!  get bellowing, bert !New sign, same old NargisCan't fault a grey egg!

Lifting the veilPeregrine!!  Tarquin!!  Management!! gibber gibberGet them winners in.....!

all phots by Gazza.

Bangla Spice, Tamworth
Address : 65 Albert Road, Tamworth, Staffordshire. 
Phone Number 01827 69245
Website : none.
Nargis Gen : the current GOLDEN NARGIS HOLDER !!!! Last visit 07/04/03.
Other Gen : superb Nargis, very spicy.  Look out for EH Glen!  Nargis are not deep fried, but cooked in the Tandoor.  Was Saffron's, and before that Exotikka and before that ....