Inside Saffrons, with EH Glen !The Gaffer presenting another quality NargisYou're not coming in here son ... unless you have a Nargis !A fine Nargis with original lamented place mat.A hatching Nargis ...

Boo !The takeout Nargis plated up.Fudge with a 2-Nargis seminarNargis halved for immediate consumptionThe Nargis arrives - courtesy of the chef !

Nargis - with beetroot and strawberry !EH Glen !Saffrons outside 050203Saffrons sign 050203

all phots by Gazza.


Address : 65 Albert Road, Tamworth, Staffordshire. 
Phone Number 01827 69245
Website : None.
Nargis Gen : the current GOLDEN NARGIS HOLDER !!!! 
Other Gen : superb Nargis, very spicy.  Served with beetroot and strawberry!  Look out for EH Glen!  Nargis are not deep fried, but cooked in the Tandoor.  Now renamed Bangla Spice, with new owners and chef.  Still excellent.